Why do I love Hot Cocoa so much?

There are many reasons why this hot cocoa made my day and even nights.  My parents introduced me to hot cocoa at the age of 2 during fall and winter times. I became addicted to hot cocoas for years.

During my college year, I had horrible day or even cranky. My parents offered me a hot cocoa, it melted my moments. I couldn’t explain. It goes on and on. I finally went to see a doctor telling me there was something wrong with me – drinking hot cocoa is a must.  My doctor said it was nothing wrong – it is better than drinking coffee, sodas, unhealthy drinks along with smoking cigarettes, chewing gums, etc.  I also learned that cocoa is healthy.

My tongue prefers this made with a milk along with Hershey and vanilla syrup. I enjoyed tasted many different hot cocoa packets whenever they offer, I purchased and saved in my briefcase as “to-go” cocoa wherever they are not available to offer a hot cocoa. I would ask for warm milk, mixed together – gulped! Yummy!

Unfortunately, my business partner is addicted to coffee, I don’t drink coffee. I am sure you enjoy your coffee just like me I enjoy cocoas. Having coffee sales would not stop me at all – I would simple add the different cocoas to taste along with coffee. Mmm.

My friends teased me that my cocoa is my drug. It is true; I didn’t mind having my cocoa insult ion, just kidding.  Of course, I would put “drink hot cocoa” at the top of “my things to do” list everyday wherever I go to work, perform, rest, and that way I get a least one thing done!

Finally, I have decided to put my hot cocoa shelf in my new coffee shop: Trix’s Hot Cocoa Collections. It was fun to find wholesale hot cocoa products. There are several excellent tastes, some are sort of, and a very few are not great.  Check my shelf and you find my products that are taste awesome! 

I d toast my hot cocoa to you all, enjoy hot cocoa!  Hugs, Trix

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