When will you retire?

     Sometimes people ask me if I will “retire”. Oh, no! That’s not in my plans. I just want to develop new ideas such as online workshops through which interpreters can earn their clock hours. I think this might be fun! I could enjoy working at home with online participants, rather than traveling so often. By the time Sammie turns 18, I hope I will have reduced my traveling time and generated a new business with online workshops.
     I had a several meetings with a web developer to share an idea related to pay-per-view video lessons and workshops.  If this works out, then I will try a few shots this year. As news about Trix’s Video Seminars spreads, I might have a great new business on my hands!
     I am certainly not making this change because I dislike my current job. Absolutely not! I love performing and conducting workshops across America. It’s just that traveling has its downsides, such as the annoying TSA pat-downs. Also, traveling expenses have increased, and school budgets have been cut. I just think it’s time to start something new and add this to my repertoire!

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