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Is this business a full time job?

Yes, giving presentations around America is my full-time job. As a professional presenter and entertainer with over 25 years of experience, I love interacting with my workshop participants and audiences. I handle bookings from my home office. I pay behind–the scenes crew members, business consultants, mentors, and […]

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Q: Have your kids ever interpreted for you?

YES! During local performances, once in a while, we’ve found that at the last minute, our voice interpreter couldn’t make it. So, at that point, my kids filled in.Bart is full of confidence, but he doesn’t always remember what he’s supposed to say. Sammie backs him up, […]

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Trix, we love your great ASL shows! What can we do to encourage ASL artists?

Do you like having a wide variety of American Sign Language entertainment available?Do you like boosting signing and interpreting skills? With your determination andcreativity, you can contribute to these worthy goals and give your own organizationwider recognition by finding ways to sponsor entertainers and workshop presenters atlocal […]

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Trix, when people interview you, what is the most frequently asked question?

People are curious about how I became Deaf. It happened when I was 6 months old, due to meningitis. To be honest, it feels as if I’ve been Deaf all my life. I don’t wear hearing aids, as they are not able to help me hear anything. […]

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Do you like flying? What do you think about the “ full-body pat down” procedure? How about the full-body x-ray screening? What do you think of the TSA?

Thank you for all of your questions related to flying and the TSA. Of course, the numerous security procedures are annoying, but I just try to be patient and get them over with. I don’t like the full-body scanners, and I don’t like the pat downs, but […]

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Could you tell us about some of the happy moments during your travels?

I love trying to coordinate plans, using my ability to organize, to think in positive ways, and to show a professional manner. I enjoy keeping my commitments to meet the hosts’, audience’s, and participants’ expectations. I strongly believe that though nothing is perfect, I can work things […]

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Friends, fans, and students keep asking me asked me about what challenges have come up as I’ve worked on my business. I’m patiently making my way through everything on my journey to success. I always learn something new everyday and plan to iron out my traveling plans […]

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What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?

Despite some odds that were against me, and many glitches that came up, I’ve been able to accomplish many of my goals and achieve many of my dreams. For example, when I was a little girl, I always wanted to be an author. I wrote some proposals, […]

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Behind-the-scenes Question: What is your “commute” like? (Getting to and from performance venues)

The challenge: One-hour-away-from-the-airport! Yes, I drove back and forth within one hour each way going home to and from the airport. I live up the northern area of the country away from Seattle, where the home-based airport is located. My friends were surprised how I managed to […]

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You’ve been very successful in your chosen career. How have your career experiences brought you satisfaction?

Of course, no job is perfect, but I have ironed out a lot of wrinkles to enhance my career satisfaction. I started from scratch and in my first years with the business, there were rough times. But there will always be challenges, and as I’ve grown the […]

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