Performance Shows

The Hearing World Around Me

Welcome to the World of Trix, and exciting true tales about life as a deaf person among the hearing. With Trix’s stories, Awakening in the Wind, Notes Under The Door, and more, you will see  her embarrassing moments, challenges, learning experiences, and a growing sense of pride. People with no clue what deafness is like will come to understand something about it while enjoying these true stories. Video Clip: Demonstration of The Hearing World Around Me


Adventuring in ASL: Trix’s Travels

Trix’s newest show, Adventuring in ASL: Trix’s Travels, features hilarious true tales. Trix has journaled through years of journeying, and now she’s ready to share these stories with you. As a Deaf person traveling among hearing people, Trix has experienced incredible ups and downs, adventures, snags, crazy-making moments, and eventual happy landings. Trix draws you in as she encounters misunderstandings, missed flights, embarrassing times, exciting challenges, and a growing sense of travel-savvy. Take a ride with Trix, and see for yourself! Video Clip: Demonstration of Trix’s Travel Storytelling

Tales of a Mad, Mad, Mad ASL World

Trix performs amazing feats of American Sign Language skill, thrives on audience interaction, and enjoys accepting artistic challenges. With her creative storytelling, she brings into play various handshapes, classifiers, 3-D representations, personification, role shifts, international sign, and more. Let Trix take you on a roller coaster ride through ASL poetry, storytelling, and folk tales. Video Clip: Demonstration of Classifier Storytelling with Sound Effects: Surf

A Handmade Treasury of Deaf Folktales

The heart and soul of Deaf culture is passed from generation to generation through sign language folktales, stories, jokes, puns, and other forms of cultural expression.  As Trix weaves these tales into a performance, the audience will gain insight into the Deaf experience and the ways in which Deaf people view the world around them.  These cultural gems help to explain Deaf identity, the beliefs of Deaf people, and often explain the ways in which Deaf people arrange their lives. Video Clip: Demonstration of Folktales Storytelling 

A Story Worth A Thousand Signs

As a poet, storyteller, presenter, and teacher, Trix pursues her dreams through performance. She tips her hat to audience members, who are following their own dreams.  Trix draws her inspiration from the audience, encouraging people to become involved in the performance, with her.  The Star Spangled Banner, The Silent Music Band Group, The Use of Handshape Storytelling, and more adventures will be performed by Trix and YOU! This show is excellent for the children’s activities. Video Clip: Demonstration of Kids’ Storytelling

A NIGHT of Improv with Trix: WHOSE ASL IS IT?”

You’ve heard of the TV Show “Whose line is it anyway?” right?  Now, it’s coming to a stage near you, only this time it’s in ASL!  With no practice, no preparation, using different ideas from the audience, and using people from audience, Trix will captivate you with her impromptu mode of “ASL-libing” and a night of hearty laughter! Video Clips: Demonstration of Trix Bruce Improv Show  and  Trix Bruce Improv Personification: Starfish Storytelling 


Trix’s ASL Idol!

Join the fun and show off your talents in “Trix’s ASL Idol”! Let the magic happen as you try out your improv signing skills at this creative event. Join in as Trix and event participants compose and present A to Z, number, and handshape stories, and all kinds of ASL entertainment. Deaf judges will determine contest winners. Don’t miss this sensational signing extravaganza!

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